Fixed Ops Videos


A web-based video library on service topics for automotive retailers

Fixed Ops Videos provides a content-rich resource for your dealership website featuring independent, powerful, and professionally produced content on service topics.


Video content helps your guests better understand recommended services and motivates them to take care of services you recommend. Use Fixed Ops Videos in the service drive to assist advisors in explaining the benefit of preventative maintenance items.


Fixed Ops Videos are refreshed on a regular basis to reflect changes in automotive maintenance trends and the library is automatically modified with no action by the dealership needed.


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Service Features:


Fixed Ops Videos Search Engine Optimization


Fixed Ops Videos Email Forwarding


Fixed Ops Videos Facebook Posting

Search Optimization   Email Forwarding   Facebook Posting

All videos can be embedded directly in dealership website landing pages to drive search traffic to the store for common services.


All videos can easily be sent to customers via email. This feature has proven valuable for dealerships wanting a soft follow-up on declined services.


All videos can easily be posted directly to Facebook. This feature is a bonus for your
marketing team looking for relevant content to post.


Fixed Ops Videos Market Exclusivity


Fixed Ops Videos Mobile Device Support


Fixed Ops Videos Easy Integration

Market Exclusivity

  Mobile Device Support   Easy Integration

Locks in your dealership as the only dealership utilizing the service video library in your zip code.  Named exclusivity is also available for additional zip codes in a region.


Regardless of the type of web browser or mobile device being used to view, the videos are compatible with all platforms to ensure the quality of the end-user experience.


Integration with a dealer's website is easy - just "frame-in" the custom landing page we create for your dealership. We can work with your website provider to make it happen.



Playlist Viewer:


All videos are displayed alphabetically in a playlist viewer for easy browsing of topics by the viewer. Have your own promotional service department videos?  We can add them to your custom playlist for no additional cost!


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Fixed Ops Videos is available to dealers on a month-to month service agreement. All video license fees, video web storage and video streaming costs are included.

Cost for a service library hosted on your dealership website starts as low as $99/month/website.


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